Testimonial of Donald L’Abbate

Donald L’Abbate, author of The Broken Lawyer and Murder Under the Bridge, has this to say about Joy’s work:

“After publishing my first novel without the assistance of a professional proofreader and editor, I learned my lesson when the reviews came in complaining of poor editing. I hired Joy at Typo-Detective and had her edit and proofread the manuscript. The result was better reviews and no complaints about editing. Joy did a great job and I won’t publish a book without having it proofread and edited by Joy.”

After Joy proofread/copy edited an update of the book referenced in Mr. L’Abbate’s comments, above, he had this to say: “After re-publishing the book (Broken Lawyer) with Joy’s corrections and edits, the reviewers no longer comment on poor editing.  The following is from a 5-star review: “ in the edition I have the language flows smoothly, the grammar is correct, there are very few errors, and I am most particular myself about grammar, so it would appear that earlier deficits are no longer there.”  THANK YOU!”


One thought on “Testimonial of Donald L’Abbate

  1. I have been known (back when I read paperbacks instead of Kindle versions) to pencil in grammatical corrections. As a lawyer with 37 years in practice, an old dusty BA in English, and more than casual experience with alcoholics, I found Broken Lawyer tremendously readable. There was something absolutely endearing about the occasional grammatical faux pas or simply screw ball way of phrasing. It added, rather than detracted from the overall “I’m just tellin’ like it was” feel of the book.

    I just wish I could get a few paperback issues to gift.

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