The growth of self-publishing


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Did you know there are more books being written and sold today than ever before in history?

This surge is due in large part to the rising trend in self-publishing. As a result, there is no better time than now for you to embrace your inner writer! If this is your dream, I am here to work alongside you to help you produce a written product of which you can be proud.

It’s no surprise to many with the increased use of texting, Twitter, Facebook and other social media to communicate with each other, the fine art of spelling and correct punctuation has almost disappeared — that is, up until now. My primary goal is the same as  yours: to  publish a high-quality, best-selling book.

I come from a background  of working for over three decades as the last line of defense for attorneys. Attorneys are known to place a high premium on perfection — not their own perfection, but on their legal secretary’s expertise. They rely heavily on their secretary to proofread every piece of written work that goes out under their signature for absolute accuracy.

I am here to provide the same level of professional proofreading/copy editing to self-published authors. I promise complete confidentiality (up to the date of publication and beyond). I will not release your name,  title or subject of your manuscript or post anything about it on social media  that could result in piracy of your book. My rates are extremely reasonable, as is my turnaround time, and I guarantee 100% satisfaction or I will waive all fees if you’re not.

The process is simple — you email a draft of your Word-formatted manuscript to me and I will immediately email a fee proposal to you for approval. Once you accept my proposal, I will proofread/copy edit your manuscript and return it to you as a Word document with Track Changes. This process gives you, as the author, the ability to easily tab from one edit to the next and accept or reject each suggested revision individually. I believe this is the best way to preserve the integrity of your final manuscript.

Normal turnaround is your manuscript will be returned to you within fifteen days after I confirm its receipt and you have approved my proposed fee.  If you are in a rush because of a published launch date, or any other reason, for a small surcharge, we can mutually agree on a shorter turnaround .  This gives you even more control of your manuscript.

 I read 99% of the manuscripts I receive not once, but twice!  This is another deeper level of scrutiny through which I will put  your manuscript.

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