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Joy Lorton is a professional proofreader and copy editor a/k/a Typo-Detective based in Washington State. She earned her Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude degree from the University of Washington by attending classes four nights a week for three consecutive years while she was a full-time legal assistant and single mother of a teenager, a testament to her enduring pursuit of learning.

During her 30+-year career in the legal field, Joy developed a fine eye for details as the last line of defense for thousands of legal documents. It’s no accident that her favorite genre to read is the legal thriller, but she has edited novels and shorter works in the historical, fantasy, non-fiction, romance and mystery genres.

In 2010, Joy retired and moved to Olympia, the capital of Washington. Now that she’s retired, she finally has the time to use her proofreading and copy editing skills to collaborate with authors of ebooks while doing what she’s always loved to do most – read!  She’s also writing her memoir.

You can reach Joy on her Facebook page or by email at